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What are the different types of web hosting products Hostval offers?

December 22, 2022

Hostval offers various types of hosting plans designed for all web hosting needs.

  • Shared hosting – Customers share the resources on the server with other customers. This is perfect for blogs, portfolios, database-driven websites, and personal or business sites. While this option is affordable, it can have limitations in cases where some websites use large amounts of traffic at the expense of others. Hostval works hard to ensure all sites on a shared server enjoy equal access to the available resources, but the potential limitations remain a possibility. Hence, we always recommend that customers expecting high volumes of traffic to look at some of the other web hosting options we offer.
  • WordPress Hosting – A scalable service that allows users to manage their WordPress sites easily through automatic updates, caching, and daily backups among other features.
  • Dedicated – A server that only contains files on it. This is suitable for resource-heavy apps and giant websites.
  • Cloud – Pools resources from various virtual server instances of physical servers. This is a more reliable, scalable, and flexible option, and is ideal for businesses that need to maintain fast load times.